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We are seeking experienced professionals with an understanding of the internet and social media to assist with research and provide advice. Specifically, we are encountering an issue with a web form on a Google site that periodically stops working when gathering shared links from Facebook.

As a prospective candidate for this opportunity, you must have a comprehensive understanding of how to share a webpage on Facebook and obtain the shared link, as well as knowledge of how to fill out a Google form.

The scenario: RealSkilled is a Google Sites-based website that is always offering new Giveaways. As part of the Giveaway process, users are required to share the Giveaway's home page on a social networking platform and submit the link to the post in which they shared the page via the Google form provided on the site's home page. However, some users have reported that the form occasionally rejects submissions and displays an error message: "Data validation failed. Invalid permalink supplied."

To be considered for this and future opportunities, you must be able to demonstrate your knowledge of this type of challenge by completing the following assignment:

Task 1: (Prior to applying for the job)

Recreate the error:

a) Share any of the RealSkilled Giveaway's pages or the home page on social media (Facebook, etc.)

b) Take the URL of your post and Giveaway's form with it and the other required fields.

Kindly reiterate steps a) and b) utilizing diverse social media platforms or diverse environments until the specified or similar errors are obtained.

Once hired, you will be responsible for identifying the specifics and cause of the issue, as well as providing advice on how to resolve the problem.

Please note that failure to demonstrate completion of Task 1 in your application will result in it being rejected and you not being considered for future opportunities.