Militants Attack Police Headquarters in Karachi, Killing Two and Injuring 11

Islamabad, Pakistan - Two people were killed and 11 were injured in an attack on the police headquarters in the southern Pakistani city of Karachi on Thursday, according to officials.

Attack on Police Headquarters

According to an eyewitness, up to 10 militants attacked the police station with hand grenades, followed by shots being fired. The attack is still ongoing, confirmed the Sindh provincial minister for labor, Saeed Ghani.

Responsibility Claimed by Tehreek e Taliban Pakistan

The Pakistan Taliban, known as Tehreek e Taliban Pakistan (TTP), claimed responsibility for the attack, according to spokesman Mohammad Khorasani.

Injured and Fatalities

Multiple shots were heard ringing through the area where the headquarters is located, and eyewitnesses described hearing multiple explosions. The injured are being treated at a hospital, and one of them is in critical condition, according to Murtaza Wahab Siddiqui, a senior leader of the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP), the ruling party in Sindh province where Karachi is located.

Earlier, the Edhi Ambulance Service reported that a police officer and a janitor died in the attack, while four police rangers were among the injured.

Investigation and Statement

The Pakistani authorities have launched an investigation into the attack, and are currently conducting search operations in the area. The attack on the police headquarters is the latest in a series of similar attacks that have taken place in Karachi and other cities in Pakistan.

Prime Minister Imran Khan strongly condemned the attack, stating that “our nation has made great sacrifices in defeating terrorism, and we will not allow this scourge to rise again."

Pakistan has been fighting an insurgency for more than a decade, with thousands of people killed in militant attacks. The TTP has been responsible for a number of attacks across the country in recent years.