Millions Suffer in Turkish Disaster Without Timely Government Aid as Erdogan Plans for Election

Residents of Turkey are struggling to deal with the aftermath of a devastating natural disaster that has left millions without proper aid from the government. Meanwhile, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is focused on planning his next election. The country has been hit with a series of earthquakes and aftershocks that have caused significant destruction. The Turkish people are outraged by the government's lack of action, especially as they are currently paying a special tax to fund an emergency organization that is not providing enough assistance to those in need.

Four Young Men Demand Action

On the night of February 8th, just two days after a major earthquake, four young men took to the streets of Istanbul with megaphones to demand action from the government. They were frustrated by the lack of response to the disaster and the fact that Erdogan seemed more concerned with silencing social media critics than helping those in need. Despite the government's efforts to control information, the people of Turkey are using social media to spread the word about what is happening and to demand change.

Erdogan's Inadequate Response

President Erdogan has been criticized for his inadequate response to the disaster, especially in areas that did not support his political platform. Citizens of Hatay, one of the hardest-hit cities, were left without help from the government for nearly 48 hours because the town is one of the opposition’s strongholds. While many victims were still fighting for their lives, Erdogan was more focused on prosecuting social media critics than providing aid. The situation has led to a sense of shame among the Turkish people, who are paying a special earthquake tax that is supposed to fund emergency services. The lack of proper assistance has left many citizens feeling betrayed.

Silencing Critics

The government's response has also included efforts to silence critics. After Erdogan's speech on February 10th, several citizens were arrested for criticizing him on social media. Meanwhile, many towns and villages were still waiting for rescue teams. Erdogan has threatened those who "politicize" the disaster, which is seen by many as an attempt to stifle dissent. Despite the government's efforts to control the narrative, social media users are sharing their stories and calling for change.

A Call for Action

The Turkish people are calling for immediate action from the government to provide much-needed aid to those affected by the disaster. Erdogan's focus on his political agenda is seen as a betrayal by many who are paying the price for his lack of concern. While the government has attempted to control information and silence critics, the people of Turkey are using social media to spread the word and demand change.