Ukrainian Troops Complete First Rotation of Battalion Training in Germany with U.S. Army

Ukrainian troops have completed the first phase of a comprehensive combined-arms training course at the U.S. Army Garrison Bavaria's Grafenwoehr training area in Germany, with the focus on the M2 Bradley fighting vehicle. The training is part of the ongoing effort to enhance Ukraine's battlefield capabilities as they enter the second year of their fight against Russia's invasion.

The Ukrainian military has completed the first rotation of a comprehensive combined-arms training program at the Grafenwoehr training area in Germany, the Pentagon announced on Friday. The program is designed to bolster Ukraine's combat readiness as they face ongoing hostilities against Russia. Approximately 635 Ukrainian troops have completed the five-week-long training, which included a range of basic soldier tasks and advanced training, including medical training, platoon and company training, and a battalion force-on-force exercise. The program focused on the M2 Bradley fighting vehicle.

Ongoing Training Program to Enhance Ukraine's Battlefield Abilities

The training program is part of an ongoing effort, announced in late 2022, to help improve Ukraine's battlefield abilities. The initiative includes the provision of billions of dollars in equipment and military aid from the U.S. The Pentagon announced in November that it would establish a new assistance command to oversee the training of Ukrainians in Europe.

Second Rotation to Commence Soon

According to Air Force Brig. Gen. Pat Ryder, a Pentagon spokesperson, a second rotation of training for the M2 Bradley fighting vehicle has already begun. Additionally, the M109 Paladin field artillery rotation, which includes another 700 or so Ukrainian soldiers, is also underway. The first Ukrainian unit to receive instruction on the M1126 Stryker, a Stryker battalion, and a second field artillery battalion, will begin training next week, with both battalions combined, comprising approximately 890 Ukrainian troops.

Training in the United States

In addition to the training in Germany, Ukrainian troops have also received training on the Patriot air defense artillery system at Fort Sill, Oklahoma, in the United States.

This training program, along with the provision of military aid from the United States, aims to help Ukraine resist the Russian invasion and strengthen its military capabilities.